Joey Von Kelley Guest Artist for April

Ex-patriot Joey Von Kelley will be taking appointments April 3rd thru the 24th. Joey has 15 years experience in pretty much any style. Black and Grey, Script, Japanese, Traditional, Portraits, you want it, you can get it. To see more of Joey’s work click here. Click on the link to the right to book an appointment with a Tattoo Extraordinaire!

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One thought on “Joey Von Kelley Guest Artist for April

  1. Hello Joey
    you are amazing tattoo artist
    you made my 2 tattoos already
    and I would like to get one big one on my ribs and one small one on my wrist, I already have one, a japaniese symbol that say Glory and I want the other one that will say respect :)
    I have in mind what I want on my ribs and some other people pictures that can help you to understand what I want.
    I live in Las Vegas now
    But if will set an appoitment I will come to SF special for you..
    I’m actually coming this monday March 29th-31 But as I see your schedule I’m not sure If you’ll be there.

    Please contact me back at my e-mail

    Thanks a lot
    Tehila Minas

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