Triangle Piercings

Triangle1 black shirt cbbThere are several different ways to pierce your genitals. Some piercing provide certain benefits and some are just for looking good. The “triangle” piercing is our most popular genital piercing. It has both form and function. Not only is it a good looking piercing, it also enhances certain moods when it is manipulated. ┬áHere are several examples done with different types of jewelry. All of these were done by Tom Landon.triangle3 cbb
triangle2 2cbb white shirtHere we have a circular barbell.triangle2 cbb white shirtsideview

triangle4Captive ring.triangle6


snakebites2snakebitesA double lip piercing or “snakebites” I believe is what the kids are calling it, when they’re texting about them on their fancy I-telephones. Back in my day, Ipods were Ipods and telephones were telephones! This whole world is going to hell. Piercing by Tom Landon.