Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash

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sailor jerry vol1Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vol. 1sailor jerry vol2Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vol.2

These two volumes are possibly the most important tattoo books you can own. The flash pages collected in these two volumes are some of the most influential motifs in american tattoo history. These are a must for any serious tattoo artist or fan.  These pages are from the collection of the late Mike "Rollo" Malone and published by Don Ed Hardy. Available in store.

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Revisited : a tribute to Flash From the Past

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revisitedRevisited : a tribute to Flash from the Past is now available in store. This book, assembled by Bert Kraak and Steve Boltz, is a collection of flash sheets based on the book "Flash From the Past."  These vintage flash sheets are redone by contemporary tattoo artists.  revisited2Here is a sheet redone by Chris Conn Askew. flash from pastThis is the original by an unknown artist from the 1920's.flash from past1The original Flash from the Past book was published by Ed Hardy and has been long out of print unfortunately. Highly recommended if you can find a copy.

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