Navel Piercings

Posted on June 06, 2009 by 8066935 | 0 Comments

DSC09566Bima attaching the top of the barbell.

DSC09569Finished product by Bima.

DSC09562Another finished navel piercing by Bima.

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Lower Back Surface Piercings

Posted on June 02, 2009 by 8066935 | 5 Comments

DSC09391Prepping the surface. DSC09395Tom Landon marking his entry and exit points. DSC09402Inserting the needle.DSC09407Keeping connection with the barbell.DSC09409Sliding them both through flawlessly.DSC09418 DSC09420Clean and straight.3590122973_973f404714_bFinished product.DSC09389Second surface piercing of the day. 3590119783_f162abc5be_bClean, straight and beautiful. Two lower back surface piercings by Tom Landon.

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