Guest Artist for May Yorick Fauquant

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Yorick Fauquant is a French tattoo artist who has been tattooing for the past 14 years. He went to a prestigious art school, the Institute de Saint Luc in Belgium, and was apprenticed for tattooing by the renowned Jef Palumbo (La Boucherie Moderne). Style Yorick takes his inspiration from the French style Art Nouveau, and the French artist who made Art Nouveau famous - Alphonse Mucha. His other inspirations are sacred geometry, Japanese style, realism, and new school. Yorick spends all of his time in his art. His art embodies his spirit and his passion. Yorick’s art is full of the contrasting dualities found in the uncontrollable world of nature such as life and death, growth and decay, support and suffocation. His art features flowing lines and organic curves found in nature and in the female figure. Yorick’s portrayal of nature takes the role of a creepy other-world, governed by uncontrollable forces, yet is always hypnotizing and inviting for the senses.