Spring Microblading Promotion $350, Includes Touch up!

We are pleased to announce that we now offer microblading to our list of services. Microblading eyebrows or semi permanent makeup is a process where fine hairlike stokes are tattooed into the first few layers of the skin, resulting in a very natural enhancement of the eyebrow. Our certified microblading artist Lisa is now taking clients by appointment only.

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Microblading and Ombré Shading $495

Includes Perfecting Touchup


Who is not a good candidate for microblading?

No one under the age of 18, must have valid government issued photo ID
Cannot be under the influence of alcohol or other substances
Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding
If you have diabetes you will be more prone to infection and or excessive bleeding. Please check with your doctor before booking.
If you have thyroid, blood circulation, heart condition or any medical condition please check with your doctor before booking
No unhealed moles, acne or scars in the area
Excessively oily skin with enlarged pores
Extremely seborrheic skin
Sunburned or recently tanned skin
Broken capillaries 
Prone to keloid scars
Previous tattooing in the area
Birthmarks in the eyebrow area


Before your appointment


If you have very dry skin gently exfoliate the area
Do not consume alcohol 48 hours prior to your appointment 
Do not drink caffeine the day of your procedure, caffeine raises blood pressure resulting in excessive bleeding
Do not take Advil or Ibuprofen within 24 hours of your appointment


The Microblading Procedure


Your appointment will take between 2-3 hours. Please wear comfortable clothing and eat before your appointment.
We'll start with a pre numbing cream that takes about 25 minutes to start working, during that time we will go over expectations, shape and color.
After the 25 minutes we'll begin drawing and shaping the brows for a natural and realistic effect that suit your face and bone structure. Once we have agreed on the design we can begin the microblading procedure.
Once we've started the procedure we can apply another anesthetic for your comfort. We want to make sure the procedure is as painless as possible. 
We will do several passes of hair strokes and color masks until the desired shape is filled in
Immediately after the procedure your new eyebrows will look up to 30% darker than the final result. You will be able to see the final results between 10 to 21 days. 
The procedure is not considered finished until after the second session or touch-up session. During this session we will fix the small imperfections and or gaps to the shape, darken them slightly or make them a bit thicker if preferred 




Sun and UV rays can lighten the pigments, wear sunblock, hats, sunglasses for maximum color retention
Chemical peels, retinol creams and excessive exfoliation can cause the pigments to lighten
To maintain the results of your microblading procedure it is recommended to refresh the color every year. Unlike classic tattoo ink microblading pigments are designed to fade making them "semi permanent" and will lighten over time without refreshing. 


If you are still unsure about the microblading process or have questions please contact us for a consultation before scheduling your appointment.

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